Press Reviews

Sound On Sound Magazine:

“It’s a delight to use, serving up surprisingly complex loops and patterns for export to a variety of destinations, including Dropbox. Above all, it’s one of the best jamming tools I’ve encountered on the iOS platform. Oh, and at a bargain price too!”

“The real fun starts when you realise that not only do the four tracks have their own individual loop lengths and playback speed, but that every parameter automation sub-track does too. There are expensive hardware synths/sequencers not capable of that! This cool feature transforms Triqtraq into a fabulous tool for generating polyrhythms and patterns that take a very long time to repeat themselves.”

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MusicTech Magazine, Excellence Award, 10/10 stars:

“A composition tool that makes the most of the iPhone touch format. The interface is a joy to use. Superb selection of sounds included. We’re finding it hard to put down…”

Computer Music Magazine, 9/10 points:

“Zaplin Music have created something rather special with TriqTraq. The live sequencing fundamentals are sound, and the polyrhythmic loop manipulation is awesome. Buy it!”

“Great design, sound and loop manipulation. Bargain price. Inspires desktop projects.”

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Featured in Best of 2014: iOS Apps for Musicians & DJs

“Want to download the deal of the century? TriqTraq is an obscenely robust, loop/sample based sequencer that does so much, in one small little package … and costs so little, that you’ll want to buy, now.”

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“Triqtraq is brilliant fun to use and, if you are a dance and/or electronic music maker, capable of producing some seriously good tunes.”

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WIRED Germany:

“…brilliant lay-out of the sequencer… You can get a punchy track out of it in a few minutes. Asolutely recommended.”

iOS Mars:

“With all of those samples, a 16 step sequencer, and 16 patterns that you can switch to on the fly, you can create some monster jams. But where I think triqtraq really sets itself apart is in the effect automation. Pan, level, decay, filter and delay can all be automated for each track, or for all of them at once. This is super fun to play around with. And it just works flawlessly, too.”

“Where I really liked triqtraq was when it came to depth. On the surface, it seems simple. But once you start digging in to the automation, and start chaining patterns, you’ve got a full track that really moves.”

“The app is very, very reasonably priced for the amount of power it contains. And, I keep saying it, but it’s really fun!”

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“It is a very powerful sample recording, beat making, little groove machine. (…) There is definitely more to this app than meets the eye.”

“Warning: it’s addictive!”

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Click Past the Frequency

“With the awesome experimentation that is possible with Loop Range, this app is on the top of my list of go to apps to make a new sound.”

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Synth Universe

“Triqtraq is a well thought out designed app just screaming to be played live. (…) If you like improvising your music this is probably as good as it gets in the iPad/iPhone form.”

“Easily one of the best of its kind music apps from this year. (…) You get a quality app that I can see could be used in a live situation without breaking a sweat. The developers have done a great job.

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Artist Quotes

Man I’m loving this app! I love how easy it is to get something going very quickly, automating all parameters in real-time. While sequencing you discover new poly-rhythms, and create really cool ideas for tracks. Awesome fun!

–Richard Devine

The sequencer is quite a unique design. It’s a lot of fun to use, and some useful stuff comes out of it quickly. Great job!


The variable loop range functions of triqtraq allow for such awesome rhythmic structures. Pair that with the automation capture functions, and a great range of built in sounds, and you have one of the coolest compositional tools available on the iOS platform. Truly Awesome!

–Montonn Jira