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Where do I find the Ableton Live 10 Lite license?
Go to Menu – Export – Ableton Live Set.

Is there a manual?
Yep, check it out in the User Guides section of the MENU.

Can I make loops longer than 16 steps?
Yes! You can chain up to 16 patterns using the Queue-feature, allowing for loops of max. 256 steps.

Can I use notes different from 1/16?
Sure, just change the loop speed of a sequence in the LOOP RANGE window. Set the speed to 0.5 for 1/8, 1 for 1/16, 1.5 for 1/24 or 2 for 1/32 notes.

How do I use my own samples?
You can import samples using iTunes. Connect your iOS device to your computer, open the App tab on your device and scroll down. Select Triqtraq in the file-sharing list and drag your samples into the file window.
It’s also possible to import samples with AudioPaste, and to record your own sounds with the internal microphone.

Which format should my samples have?
16-bit, 44khz. While the output of Triqtraq is in stereo, imported stereo samples are downmixed to mono.

How do I delete user samples / kits / sessions?
Slide your finger from left to right over the file you want to erase. A delete button will appear.

How do I make polyrhythms?
Select LOOP RANGE and select a range of notes by swiping your finger over the note monitor, and select the desired loop speed.

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