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triqtraq is a music jamming sequencer for musicians or DJ’s who want to make music on the go, or improvise live.

The interface of triqtraq is designed to bring a fun and straight-forward approach to music making to the iPad and iPhone, without compromising musical possibilities and a deep level of control.

All features at your fingertips..

There’s no need to dial through several different windows to tweak sounds: all controls can be quickly accessed from one window, allowing for fast and playful music creation.

Playing the sample pads on each of the four channels gets the groove going and faders for parameters like pitchfilter and delay allow to shape the sound in real-time. The app gives the possibility to record or automate individual tracks as well as up to 4 tracks at the same time.

Amazing level of control…

The user-friendly and direct interface of triqtraq doesn’t compromise in musical possibilities: the length of each of the four tracks can be set with a swipe of a finger, making it child’s play to come up with poly-rhythmic sequences.

Additionally, the loop range of each track’s automation can be set independently, to make triqtraq spit out ever-changing variations of a pattern.
In addition to real-time beat programming, triqtraq’s step edit mode allows for more detailed groove- and sound editing.

Triqtraq comes with a large collection of built-in samples and the possibility to import custom sounds.

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“A composition tool that makes the most of the iPhone touch format. The interface is a joy to use. Superb selection of sounds included. We’re finding it hard to put down…”

–Music Tech Magazine



triqtraq realtime sampling…

triqtraq 1.5 now available:
new iPad interface, Inter-App Audio and more…

The new iPad lay-out of triqtraq 1.5 takes advantage of the larger working area and has been optimized for live jamming.
Patterns can now be recorded, played and arranged in the same window, which allows for an extra fast workflow.

The update also features support for Inter-App Audio, making it possible to use triqtraq inside other music apps as an Inter-App Audio plug-in.

With the new audio export option “Open In…”, users can export their tunes to apps such as Dropbox.

Version 1.5 ReleasedFree update on App Store



Record your own sounds…

With triqtraq you can record your own samples with the internal microphone and use them directly in your jams.

Here’s how it works:

– In KITS view, hold down the record button in the middle of the pads.
– ‘Waiting for input’ will appear in the monitor; the recording will start the moment you make a sound.
– Hold down the record button for the duration you want to record.
– After recording, STORE will appear on the pads, allowing you to store the recorded sample to a sample pad. To cancel the recording press X.
– To make sure you can use your recordings in future sessions, make sure to save your sample kit or session. Recordings will then be copied to the user sample folder.

Jam together with WIST…

Korg’s WIST (Wireless Sync-Start Technology) technology allows for wireless sync-start between two WIST-compatible apps.
Sync with your friends device over Bluetooth and perform together!

Key features

  • create musical patterns fast and intuitively
  • record beats live or by using the step editor
  • automate all effects in real-time
  • record and automate multiple tracks simultaneously
  • specify the length of a sequence per track
  • unlink the automation envelope lengths from the sequences
  • use the loop range to create poly-rhythms
  • change sounds while jamming
  • export real-time jams, patterns or queues to SoundCloud, Audio Copy, E-mail or iTunes
  • record sounds with the microphone or import samples via iTunes or Audio Paste (iOS 6+)
  • store up to 16 patterns
  • chain up to 16 patterns with the queue feature
  • switch seamlessly between patterns
  • use sounds from the 350+ factory sample library

Video tutorials

iPad tutorials

pitches and looprange…

Press reviews

MusicTech Magazine,
Excellence Award, 10/10 stars:

“A composition tool that makes the most of the iPhone touch format. The interface is a joy to use. Superb selection of sounds included. We’re finding it hard to put down…”

Computer Music Magazine,9/10 points:

Impressively different… The live sequencing fundamentals are sound, and the polyrhythmic loop manipulation is awesome. Buy it!

WIRED Germany:

…brilliant lay-out of the sequencer… You can get a punchy track out of it in a few minutes. Asolutely recommended.

“Want to download the deal of the century? TriqTraq is an obscenely robust, loop/sample based sequencer that does so much, in one small little package … and costs so little, that you’ll want to buy, now.”

Artists on triqtraq

Man I’m loving this app! I love how easy it is to get something going very quickly, automating all parameters in real-time. While sequencing you discover new poly-rhythms, and create really cool ideas for tracks. Awesome fun!

–Richard Devine

The sequencer is quite a unique design. It’s a lot of fun to use, and some useful stuff comes out of it quickly. Great job!


The variable loop range functions of triqtraq allow for such awesome rhythmic structures. Pair that with the automation capture functions, and a great range of built in sounds, and you have one of the coolest compositional tools available on the iOS platform. Truly Awesome!

–Montonn Jira

Listen up…


Who developed triqtraq?
triqtraq was developed by a composer/soundesigner (Sebastian Schatz), a programmer (Olaf van Zon) and a designer (Joerg Peschel),
aiming to bring to the iPhone a creative music tool that brings fun and inspiration.

Is triqtraq a universal app?
Yes it is! triqtraq has a native interface on both iPhone and iPad.

How can I help you to keep developing triqtraq?
By spreading the word about triqtraq and leaving us a nice review in the App Store!


Is there a manual?
We have video’s in the tutorials section showing how to use the various functions of triqtraq.

Can I make loops longer than 16 steps?
Yes! You can chain up to 16 patterns using the Queue-feature, allowing for loops of max. 256 steps.

Can I use notes different from 1/16?
Sure, just change the loop speed of a sequence in the LOOP RANGE window. Set the speed to 0.5 for 1/8, 1 for 1/16, 1.5 for 1/24 or 2 for 1/32 notes.

How do I use my own samples?
You can import samples using iTunes. Connect your iOS device to your computer, open the App tab on your device and scroll down. Select triqtraq in the file-sharing list and drag your samples into the file window.
It’s also possible to import samples with AudioPaste, and to record your own sounds with the internal microphone.

Which format should my samples have?
16-bit, 44khz. While the output of triqtraq is in stereo, imported stereo samples are downmixed to mono for performance reasons.

How do I delete user samples / kits / sessions?
Slide your finger from left to right over the file you want to erase. A delete button will appear.

How do I make polyrhythms?
Select LOOP RANGE and select a range of notes by swiping your finger over the note monitor, and select the desired loop speed.

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