Create great musical ideas in no time.
On the road, in the studio or during a live performance…


The Jam Sequencer

Triqtraq is an app designed for everyone who wants to capture musical ideas on the go, jam live with friends or find inspiration for new tracks. The fast and straight-forward interface will get you going quickly, and the rich feature set allows for a deep level of control and fascinating results.

Non Stop Jamming Fun

Compose a beat and have endless fun with the real-time sound manipulation by recording various effect and parameter sliders.
Build up, vary, mangle and break your patterns with a swipe of your finger.

Deep Sequencing Power

Triqtraq is no one trick pony. Keep surprising yourself by digging deeper in the rhythmic and automation possibilities. The powerful Loop Range feature lets you create endless musical variation by a simple swipe.

“The interface is a joy to use. Superb selection of sounds included. We’re finding it hard to put down…”

–Music Tech

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Realtime Sound Shaping

Tweak your loops until perfection with the recordable FX sliders, capturing sound changes in realtime.

Next Level Sequencing

Create endless musical variations by a single swipe with the powerful Loop Range feature.

Loop Range Video

Your Personal Touch

Import your favorite samples, or instantly record new sounds while jamming.

Live Sampling Video


Now Available: Play in time with Ableton Link

Feature Spotlight


Triqtraq’s interface is designed for fast and intuitive operation. All controls can be accessed quickly from one window.

You record loops and effect tweaks into 4 Channels. Either one for one, or by selecting multiple Channels for layered recording or effect changes.

Triqtraq’s design and architecture are impressively different; and it can do pretty amazing things in terms of looping.

–Computer Music

Record up to 16 Patterns. A Pattern is 16 steps long, and can be recorded by playing the 8 Sample Pads on the 4 available Channels. You can record live or by using the Step Editor.

Each Pattern can easily be duplicated, so that it’s easy to make a few variations. You can switch between patterns instantly, or arrange them in the Queue.

With all of those samples, a 16 step sequencer, and 16 patterns that you can switch to on the fly, you can create some monster jams.

–iOS Mars

The sounds on each Channel can be manipulated with various effect and parameter sliders: Pitch, Lowpass Filter, Delay Send, Decay, Level and Panning.
By moving a slider, you record a sound change (the automation) to one of the 16 steps in the sequencer. This is a fast and fun way of tweaking your patterns, or come up with an unexpected twist. Highly addictive.

When changing the Pitch of a sequence, a special Chord Mode will help you stay in key. There’s also a Glide Mode for extreme pitch effects.

The Delay Send sends a channel’s sequence to the Delay Effect. There you can change and automate the delay time and amount of feedback.

With the way that every sample can be melodic, panned crazily and affected with the built-in filter and delay, you’ll soon discover how deep the rabbit hole is with this little app.



The Loop Range is a powerful feature that allows for endless rhythmic and sonic variation. By sliding your finger over a range of steps in the monitor, you can change the length of the sequence on each of the four channels.
Next to the range, you can also change the speed of a sequence on each channel. An easy way to come up with interesting new rhythms that constantly change over time.

The Loop Range also works for the effect/parameter automation. Each effect sequence can have its own length and speed, so that the amount of variations you can get out of one Pattern are nearly endless.

Loop Range demo: create arpeggio-like melodies

There are expensive hardware synths/sequencers not capable of that!

–Sound On Sound Magazine

Triqtraq comes with over 400 sounds in 4 categories: Drums, Percussion, Bass and Keys. Sounds can be easily exchanged while the sequencer is playing. With iTunes or AudioCopy it’s possible to import your own sounds or paste them from other apps.

You can also record your own samples with the internal microphone and use them instantly – so during playback – in your jams. It only takes two taps to record and store a sample.

One of the easiest methods of sampling I’ve seen on the iPad, and building new kits by making noises into the built-in microphone is as fast as it is inspiring. For the first time in my life I became a human beatbox without feeling like a tit.

–Sound On Sound Magazine


Besides switching between Patterns yourself, it is possible to arrange Patterns in the Queue.
The 16 step Queue can play your Patterns after each other in any order you wish. Each Pattern in the Queue can be repeated up to 32 times.

When the Queue is playing, you can still record, tweak or do temporary effect changes. Very useful for live performances.

On the surface, it seems simple. But once you start digging in to the automation, and start chaining patterns, you’ve got a full track that really moves.

–iOS Mars


Tritraq features a simple but effective mixer view.
Set levels here, or mute a channel entirely.

Even though there are just four tracks, it’s surprising how often you reach for the mixer to quickly mute some of the mayhem.

–Sound On Sound Magazine


Live jams, Patterns or the Queue can be recorded and exported to .wav

You can share your music to Soundcloud or Email, and export to AudioCopy or various other apps (like Dropbox) via ‘Open In…’

Inter app connectivity is good if not complete, including Audiobus support (…) Like all the best apps out there triqtraq will get you connected to pretty much everything out there.

–Synth Universe


$3,99 / €3,99 on the iOS App StoreGet it on the App Store

Feature List

  • Four Channels, each containing 8 Sample Pads
  • Up to 16 Patterns per Session
  • Live Input or Step Editor
  • Automation (recording slider movements) of all effects in real-time
  • Multi-editing and recording by selecting multiple Channels
  • Unique amount and speed of sequencer steps per Channel (Loop Range)
  • Sample swapping during playback
  • Sample recording with the internal microphone, also during playback
  • Library with more than 400 sounds included
  • Queue feature for arranging Patterns as a full track
  • Real-time switching between Patterns
  • Ableton Link support
  • Export of real-time Jams, Patterns or Queues to SoundCloud, Audio Copy, E-mail or iTunes
  • Open In… export option to open recordings in apps like Dropbox
  • Import of sounds via iTunes File Sharing or Audio Paste
  • Audiobus support
  • Inter-App Audio: use triqtraq as a generator in Inter-App Audio compatible hosts
  • Background Audio option in the App Settings Menu
  • User Manual